Monday, April 2, 2012

My OWN Store!

As-salam and Hello!!!

Today is my eldest son's birthday - he's 12.  Scheduled to sit for his first major exam in September.  Life has placed him as the center of the universe lately - driving him to and fro to attend tuition, cancellations of weekend getaways and outings to make room for his extra classes, endless trips to the book store to get him more exercise books - my, it's been a drill.  May ALLAH bless him for his perseverence for being patient with his parents' short term memory loss ("....HAH???!!!!  You have tuition today????  Another 5 minutes and you only thought of reminding me now???!!!....") and parents' ill-mannerisms ("......Abang....Mama tak larat.....cancel je la pegi tuition hari ni.....").  Sometimes I do wonder, who is the more stable one in our household..... :S

And to top it off ('it' refers to 'the constant state of panic at home'), his mum decides to open an online shop on his birthday.  Yes, his mum - ME!

Please do visit my store!  look up 'nice-cessity.blogspot'  (I am beginning to sound desperate, hence I will stop now).


  1. saya singgah ;)

    this post bring me back to my schooldays memory.

    when i was 12, attended tuition here and there, tired but enjoy

    update jadual tusyen di pintu peti ais (lekat dgn magnet), pergi tusyen sndiri, tunggu bas, kadang2 end up lepak cyber cafe main game, balik jln kaki sbb duit habis ( parent topup duit seminggu skali je). hahaha

    fuh what a memory ;)

  2. As-salam Faiz...

    If you ever have the courage to retell this to your parents, I can assure you - that they'd find it just too cute!!! Dah besaq panjang mcm laa ni, dah jadi insan terpelajar - I yakin mereka lega untuk mengatakan yang mischeives you got into masa kecik2 dulu(without them knowing) was crucial to your maturity. Tapi cuba habaq kat dorang time balik dari cyber cafe time dulu tu.....mau kena pelangkong, ye dak???

    Pernah terlintas banyak kali, niat nak izinkan anakanda saya tu join kawan2 keluar on weekends (dah a few times dia minta izin), tapi sifat dia yang terlalu accomodating, would probably witness him jadi bahan bully. Tapi, being bullied is not entirely bad, kan? It's a process of growing up.......and so I say 20 yaers later....haha...

    Thanx for menyinggah..... ;)