Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I can never sell anything.... grrrrr...

As-salam and Hello!

Intention : To make extra money

Action : Sell goods

Skill : Have a good eye for nice things

Plan : To sell at an affordable price so able to form solid, loyal clients

Problem : Things that are nice cost a bomb!

More Problems : Mind says one thing (eg. Price = RM20), mounth says ANOTHER thing (eg. "RM15 je....")

Post Mortem : Need to give self a good kick in the butt!!!!!

Corrective Measures :
1. Detach link between mind and mouth when selling.
2. Just continue being a buyer / consumer - wasting / spending money this way is far more productive!!!

Note to self : Try online business.....where mind-mouth links are at the minimal....

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