Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I can never sell anything.... grrrrr...

As-salam and Hello!

Intention : To make extra money

Action : Sell goods

Skill : Have a good eye for nice things

Plan : To sell at an affordable price so able to form solid, loyal clients

Problem : Things that are nice cost a bomb!

More Problems : Mind says one thing (eg. Price = RM20), mounth says ANOTHER thing (eg. "RM15 je....")

Post Mortem : Need to give self a good kick in the butt!!!!!

Corrective Measures :
1. Detach link between mind and mouth when selling.
2. Just continue being a buyer / consumer - wasting / spending money this way is far more productive!!!

Note to self : Try online business.....where mind-mouth links are at the minimal....

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13 Years Together

As-salam and Hello!

This entry is FIVE DAYS LATE! Last Wednesday, 5 April 2012, I wrote:

It's been 13 years since I got married to the love of my life and be it rain or shine - it's just been AWESOME!  Today, after all these years, I am truly happy that I am married to a person who allows me to grow- who highlights my mistakes and turns them into opportunities to reinforce a better person within me.  I pray that he'll be my definite companion in Jannah, Amin....... 
I meant to blog yesterday, the day of my 13th anniversary, but that didn't prevail and I have to say that I have very blurry memory of what happened yesterday (please do not wonder inexcessively!).  I cooked dinner (it's been ages since I did!) - sambal sotong, udang and kentang goreng kunyit, bayam rebus.....oooolala! - we ate, we watched '30 minit bersama Ustaz Don', then all I could remember is snoozing the alarm clock silent at 6am, 5 April.  I told my hubby that I was convinced that I had unintentionally drugged the whole family!
I remember the day i picked up my baju nikah and the chinese tailor took a look at the calender to see if she was free to attend my wedding.  She said, "Owh! Dalam kalender Cina, hari you mau kahwin ialah "Ee-Yat-Fatt" - 2-1-8.  Meaning aaa....selalu ada duit".  Hah! The sound of 'money', even if only just uttered, it calms the mind.  But, soon after, I was taken aback for I was worried that I had placed trust on a set of numbers, in light of my marital state, Astaghfirullah.....  May ALLAH forgive me.  At present, after all these years, I have come to a point in my life that I submit totally to the notion that trusting ALLAH is the only right thing to do.  ALLAH WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU.  The last 5 years of my life, I may have uttered this many times but comparatively, now, more than ever - I breathe it. 

And this, the state of mind in HIS presence, is the ONLY calming state of mind.  Ee-Yatt-Fatt is officially the blurry past. 

Monday, April 2, 2012

My OWN Store!

As-salam and Hello!!!

Today is my eldest son's birthday - he's 12.  Scheduled to sit for his first major exam in September.  Life has placed him as the center of the universe lately - driving him to and fro to attend tuition, cancellations of weekend getaways and outings to make room for his extra classes, endless trips to the book store to get him more exercise books - my, it's been a drill.  May ALLAH bless him for his perseverence for being patient with his parents' short term memory loss ("....HAH???!!!!  You have tuition today????  Another 5 minutes and you only thought of reminding me now???!!!....") and parents' ill-mannerisms ("......Abang....Mama tak larat.....cancel je la pegi tuition hari ni.....").  Sometimes I do wonder, who is the more stable one in our household..... :S

And to top it off ('it' refers to 'the constant state of panic at home'), his mum decides to open an online shop on his birthday.  Yes, his mum - ME!

Please do visit my store!  look up 'nice-cessity.blogspot'  (I am beginning to sound desperate, hence I will stop now).